Sensors and Sensor Integration

Discusses sensor developments, uses of COTS sensors, and sensor integration issues.

UAS Icing Study

Heat transfer is an integral part of understanding ice accretion in flight. For the speeds expected for small UAS, the heat transfer behavior is in an uncertain range. In order to better understand ice accretion on these aircraft, a heat flux sensor will be flown in icing temperature ranges.

Ultrasonic Sensor Integration

Oklahoma State University is currently evaluating various ultrasonic anemometer and multirotor platforms to determine the best combination and mounting locations. Research is being conducted to analyze the flow field around a multirotor to determine if the in-flow of the rotors has an adverse affect on the anemometer measurements.

The image, below, is of a DJI M600 with an 81000 R.M. Young Ultrasonic Anemometer. Photo credit Dr. Jamey Jacob. This anemometer is powered by the aircraft's main power system and records data using a Beaglebone.