Photogrammetry Applications

Structure from motion can be applied in various applications including geo-mapping and digital elevation modeling. The results can be analyzed to show geographical and spatial changes through time, location modeling, and high resolution orthomosaic imagery among other applications.

Arkansas River Shiner Project
Fluvial changes are mapped through time and the data will be compared to tracking of the Arkansas River Shiner, a small fish found in the South Canadian River. The geo-mapping will be analyzed to provide a connectivity metric. The river connectivity through various flows will be compared to the tagging data to determine correlations between river depth and fish movement.

Floating Yellow Heart Project
Aerial images were stitched together to provide an overall map of the floating yellow heart infestation of Lake Carl Blackwell. The plant is an invasive species that chokes up coves and waterways. The only effective extermination is to spray the plant with herbicide, and in order to determine whether the herbicide was effective images were taken over time to map the extent of the infestation.

LAPSE-RATE Flight Campaign Transect
The Lower Atmospheric Process Studies at Elevation - a Remotely-piloted Aircraft Team Experiment (LAPSE-RATE) Flight campaign took place over the summer of 2018 in the San Luis valley of Colorado. The campaign included hundreds of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) flights in order to take low atmospheric measurements. One valley was monitored during the early hours of the morning with transect data being taken from a 3D anemometer and pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors. This same transect was mapped using photogrammetry to derive conclusions about the data atmospheric data taken across this topographical location.

Little Sahara Dune Geo-mapping Project
Wind speed data was taken and compared to expected lower atmospheric airflow results that emanate from the leeward side of barchan and barchanoid dunes. This data was compared to the topography using structure from motion topographical mapping and digital elevation modeling and analysis.