Oklahoma State University Dropsonde

Oklahoma State University has designed an all in one atmospheric weather sensor package called a dropsonde. These sensors are small, lightweight and will run for up to eight hours uninterrupted for long campaigns. They contain various sensors, including GPS, temperature, humidity, pressure and radio communication all on one integrated small PCB. Data from these sensors are recorded internally on a SD card in CSV format but is also transmitted to a custom GUI based ground station for visualization and logging. Multiple sensors can be deployed on a single aircraft or in a multi-agent system and the data feeds can be isolated to view any number of these sensors at one time.

Dropsondes are powered by a single 18350 rechargeable lithium ion battery that allows for quick charging and swapping. This enables near continuous data collection for field campaigns. The sensors are enclosed in an actively aerated nylon enclosure that features a GoPro style mount for easy installation on any aircraft.