OSU Infrasound Array

Oklahoma State University Infrasound Array

The OSU Infrasound Array is a 3 microphone array that has been continuously recording since January 2017. One microphone is located on the roof of a building while the other two have been deployed at ground level. The roof microphone began recording about 4 months before the full array was operation. All the microphones are off-the-shelf (Model 24, Chaparral) with a flat frequency response from 0.1 to 200 Hz and sensitivity of 400 mV/Pa. The three microphones are arranged in a triangle with ~60 m between each microphone. Each microphone has 4 soaker hoses attached to the microphone's acoustic ports, which serves as windscreens for each microphone. Each microphone is mounted on a platform designed to reduce vibration, prevent water damage, minimize temperature fluctuations, and secure the microphones.

Microphone Locations (lat, long)
Mic 1: 36.1344, -97.0819 (roof)
Mic 2: 36.1342, -97.0812 (ground)
Mic 3: 36.1347, -97.0814 (ground)